Navigating a new investment landscape


An exclusive Shojin survey of UK-based investors has revealed a huge shift towards alternative investments as inflation skyrockets:

• 18% of UK investors have made alternative investments in 2022, with the figure rising to 41% among those aged 18-34

• A further 32% are either considering making alternative investments within the next six months (17%) or in 2023 (15%)

• 39% say the current high-inflation environment has made them more likely to consider alternative investments

Shojin commissioned an independent survey among 690 UK adults, all of which have investment portfolios worth more than £10,000 – this includes all forms of investments but discounts their savings, pensions and property used as a primary residency.

The study showed that two in five (39%) investors are more likely to consider alternative investments because of the high-inflation environment. Inflation hit a 40-year high of 10.1% in August and the Bank of England expects it to top 13% in late 2022.

Jatin Ondhia, CEO of Shojin, said: “Tellingly, our research shows that half of UK investors, and even more younger ones, have made or are considering alternative investments in the current climate. This will be an interesting trend to monitor. Indeed, investors of all shapes and sizes will currently be evaluating different assets, markets and methods of investing – many will be seeking options which might stand a better chance of delivering returns that can either keep pace with or exceed the rate of inflation.”

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About Shojin 
Shojin is an FCA-regulated online real estate investment platform that lowers the barriers to entry for individuals across the globe looking to access institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities in the UK. 

About the research
The market research was carried out between 1st and 6th July 2022 among 2,000 UK adults via an online survey by independent market research agency Opinium. Opinium is a member of the Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner Service, whose code of conduct and quality commitment it strictly adheres to. Its MRS membership means that it adheres to strict guidelines regarding all phases of research, including research design and data collection; communicating with respondents; conducting fieldwork; analysis and reporting; data storage. The data sample of 2,000 UK adults is fully nationally representative. This means the sample is weighted to ONS criteria so that the gender, age, social grade, region, and city of the respondents corresponds to the UK population. Within this sample, 690 respondents had investment portfolios worth more than £10,000 – this includes all assets from bonds and currencies to commodities and stocks and shares but excludes any savings, pensions and property that is used as their primary residency.