Shojin launches joint venture in the UAE


Shojin has formed a partnership with Smart Crowd Holding LTD (SmartCrowd), parent company of the first regulated  real estate crowdfunding platform that enables people to grow their wealth by collectively investing in income-generating properties, based in the United Arab Emirates.

The joint ventures mark another milestone for Shojin’s expansion plans as it lowers the barriers to entry for high net worth investors looking to invest in institutional-grade real estate globally, with Australia and South Africa likely to follow. 

With this partnership SmartCrowd looks to expand its offering beyond single family homes by securing additional licenses to unlock the asset class further. SmartCrowd is in the process of obtaining a license that will allow them to tap into a mass affluent market to offer development and commercial real estate opportunities.   

The new partnership will boost the investment firepower at Shojin’s disposal, as the company originates an increasing number of exciting UK development projects requiring funds. Investors using SmartCrowd’s platform will be able to back Shojin’s UK real estate opportunities, with the goal in the near future for Shojin’s global investor pool to also access projects in the United Arab Emirates in the near future. Shojin recently completed its first overseas investment in Penang, Malaysia, known as the ‘Silicon Valley of the East’, where it raised over £850,000 for a luxury 20-apartment development.

Jatin Ondhia, CEO of Shojin, said: “We already know that the online real estate market is set to boom over the coming years, and our partnership with SmartCrowd in the United Arab Emirates is part of ensuring Shojin remains at the forefront. There is a great deal of demand in the Middle Eastern market, both from locals and expats and Dubai’s property sector is going from strength to strength, owing to various measures and regulations aimed at promoting transparency in the real estate space. We look forward to working together towards the common goal of unlocking lucrative real estate opportunities for mass affluent investors and helping to spread wealth globally.”

Siddiq Farid Founder & CEO, SmartCrowd, said: “With this partnership we are one step close to realising our vision to unlock the real estate asset class and allow masses to invest beyond the traditional asset classes. We had set out to make alternative investments accessible to the masses so they can construct diversified portfolios like the wealthy. Partnering with firms like Shojin that are regulated and have a strong history and track record allows us to expand our offerings to our investor base in the region. Technology enables us all to think and act beyond our borders.”

Shojin is an FCA-regulated online real estate investment platform enabling high net worth investors across the globe to invest in institutional-grade real estate developments and make superior returns. 

Primarily focusing on funding UK mid-market residential, PRS (private rented sector), senior, and student accommodation developments, Shojin has a unique model of co-investing into every project and shares profits at the end, creating a perfect alignment of interest with investors.

Intelligent investors from over 40 countries are able can simply invest in lucrative real estate investments from as little as £5,000 and enjoy superior risk-adjusted returns. To date, Shojin has raised over £41m across 30 projects. 

About SmartCrowd

SmartCrowd looks to offer investors a better way to invest in Real Estate by making it accessible to the masses through its software, education, and community. Founded in 2018, SmartCrowd, secured the first license to operate a regulated (by the Dubai Financial Services Authority) digital platform for real estate investments in the MENA region in 2019. SmartCrowd is expanding its license offering within the United Arab Emirates and the region to offer more opportunities to its growing investor base.