Shojin Property Partners launches crowdfunding property investment platform

27/09/17  by GARETH BAIN

Shojin Property Partners is pleased to announce the launch of its FCA regulated crowdfunding platform. On 27th September, Shojin launched its online platform which allows investors to invest in high yielding property development opportunities alongside seasoned professionals. On its platform investors can diversify their portfolio and mitigate risk by investing as little as £5,000 to achieve returns similar to those of a developer.

Jatin Ondhia, CEO of Shojin Property Partners, said “Until now, most investors have focused only on the buy-to-let market, mostly because they did not have access to property development opportunities. Shojin Property Partners now gives them access to the lucrative development market, comfortable in the knowledge that it is backed by our extensive experience.”

Shojin Property Partners has been operating since 2009 and specialises in investment in property development projects. Unlike most other crowdfunding platforms, the company aligns itself with its investors by charging no upfront fees, but rather co-investing its own money alongside investors on every project, and then sharing profits at the end.

Sandeep Puri, Head of Construction and Development said “Shojin has a very experienced and qualified team to carry out thorough due diligence. We oversee each project until completion. What makes us unique is that we look after our investors’ interests and are only rewarded at the end when a project completes and the investors are paid their profits.”

Shojin Property Partners is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Investors need to pass an appropriateness test before they are shown opportunities to ensure that they fully understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in property development. The company was founded by Jatin Ondhia, a former UBS investment banker, and Sandeep Puri, a qualified quantity surveyor with a long history working with large homebuilders such as Wimpey and Redrow Homes. Coming together they formed a unique partnership of development and investment experience in the London property environment. Since 2009 they have developed, invested and raised in excess of £14m for their 8 development projects.

The crowdfunding platform was developed to bring together like-minded people with a common goal of investing in property development projects. The process is simple: create an account to become a member. Once you are a member you will be presented with opportunities not visible to the general public. When you find an attractive opportunity, just read through the due diligence on the property and, if you’re happy to proceed, go ahead and invest. Then sit back, relax and wait for regular updates from the team.

If investors are interested in becoming a member of the Shojin Property Partners community, please get in touch as they have a number of projects available for investment across the country. Please call 0203 871 5959 or visit www.shojin.co.uk or find them on Facebook. Shojin Property Partners is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 716765). Shojin Property Partners is a trading name of Shojin Financial Services (company number 09697161) and the registered office is at Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street, London, WC2N 4JF.