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Backed by a global network of investors,  Shojin provides junior finance for property development and real estate related investment opportunities. As we were once developers ourselves, we have the in-house skill set and the financial expertise to help build the perfect partnership, allowing developers to focus on what they do best whilst maximising returns.

Real estate often requires a flexible solution to funding, so we take an innovative approach which allows us to provide bespoke solutions. This includes the provision of blended capital structures to leverage existing assets, support a growing portfolio, acquire a high yielding property, or fund a new development project. 

From acquisition, development through to exit, we support borrowers at every step of the journey and tailor our products to meet their requirements, creating a flexible funding solution.

While senior funding for property development is relatively easy to come by, the biggest difficulty experienced by most developers is junior funding. Our team of experienced property professionals specialise in creating flexible junior funding solutions - mezzanine, equity and preferred equity - enabling developers to take on larger projects and enhance their return on capital.

Fund up to 97% of project costs
We specialise in providing junior finance for mid-market real estate related opportunities ranging in value between £5m - £80m. When combined with senior debt, we can fund up to 97% of project costs, allowing developers to focus on scaling or taking on larger schemes.

✓ £1.5m - £10m funding
Development equity 
✓ Mezzanine loans 
✓ Bridge loans
✓ Asset Finance 

Quick and simple funding process
In the property sector, time is of the essence. If the opportunity meets our criteria, our process takes a matter of weeks from inception to draw down, ensuring developers have the funds when required.

Bespoke funding solutions
We have built our reputation on developing properties ourselves, so we understand the demands and challenges involved in obtaining funding. We will work with developers to create a bespoke funding solution that maximises returns for all parties.

Built on partnership
Co-investing in every transaction, we partner with developers throughout the project lifecycle to tackle any challenges that may arise and enable a successful delivery.

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