Top tips for starting out in property investment

11/06/18  by GARETH BAIN


Properties across the UK are often some of the hottest constructions in the world. Build something in the centre of London and you will have your hands on something that is set to fetch a huge price immediately.

The stage of construction and planning can be a great time to start investing in property as well as at the finality of a project; it all depends on the opportunities that arise.

Whether you have considered investing in property for a while or you have gathered a chunk of money you are ready to spend, we can help you with our property partnerships.

At Shojin we work together with you to give you the advice and guidance on property investments of all types. From small short-term projects that are primed for smaller returns through to larger properties designed for long-term investments, we can help make the whole process simple for you.
To give you the rundown on the world of property investment, here are three top tips for any foray into this area:

  1. Discover which property area to invest in: There are plenty of trends in the property investment world that change with the tide. At the current stage we are in the midst of a need for buy-to-let properties across the UK. The number of individuals looking to find a rental property has increased in recent years and you could take advantage of this by finding suitable properties in the buy-to-let markets.

  2. Make sure you perform due diligence: You will probably be wondering whether your property investment will be proper and legitimate. Due diligence is ensuring that everything is correct, organised and understood during each stage of the project. Fortunately, when you choose Shojin, we will work together to complete all due diligence so that you don’t have to worry.

  3. Consider crowdfunding for extra income: The freedom that you have by choosing Shojin allows you to bump up the capital you have at your disposal. Whatever product you are looking to invest in, you could use crowdfunding to raise funds and increase the security in your investment. Crowdfunding is a trend in the property investment world and can be a good place to start for the entry-level property investor.
While these three tips may get you started, you will still need to know that you are choosing a team who are with you every step of the way. When you invest with Shojin, you will be given the help and support that you need.

To discover more about our team at Shojin and how we can help you, get in contact with us today. Learn more about the Shojin Property Partners investment model and the learn about investing in property by watching our video What is property investment crowdfunding?.

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