Where are the current investment opportunities?

09/07/18  by GARETH BAIN

Despite a turbulent property marketplace, purchasing a property remains one of the best investments you can make, and there are always opportunities out there to make a healthy return on investment, especially if you’re willing to look a little harder!

However, since 2007, the so-called “jilted generation” has understandably struggled to get on the property ladder due to a deteriorating economic landscape.

In response to this, the Government was forced to step in, initiating a number of Help to Buy schemes, including a Help to Buy equity scheme, which provides up to 80% of the equity required for the property. Subsequently, 2018 is one of the best times to get started in property investment. Moreover, equity crowdfunding and crowdfunding investment services have also become a viable option for those individuals investing £5,000, £10,000 and £15,000 in property.

These types of schemes have helped thousands of first-time buyers to secure the deposit they need to get their foot on the property ladder. And of course, it also means that there are now more opportunities than ever before to buy a property for both new and experienced property investors in the UK.

If you are wondering how to invest in property, where to start your journey or how to get the latest advice on a specific investment, choosing a personable investment company can improve your chances of a positive return. At Shojin, we believe that finding investment opportunities in the UK has never been easier, especially if you are looking for a first-time investment property. But there are plenty of other ways to invest in a property.

Whether you’re a property investor or you’re looking for property investment advice, we’ve taken a look at the other opportunities for investing in property…


The ageing population is now starting to downsize due to the fact that their children have flown the nest, they have too much space, or they simply cannot manage the property’s maintenance requirements. This means there are now a number of prestigious large houses popping up on the property market.


Assisted living isn’t an easy decision, especially if you’ve been used to living an independent life in a property you’re familiar with. 
However, assisted living accommodation is continuing to increase in popularity due to the fact that it allows residents to retain their independence, but also access the help they need. Assisted living accommodation also has a great community feel, where residents can interact with each other and make new friends.

In the US, 17% of the ageing population live in assisted living accommodation, 17% in Australia, and only 1% in the UK. With this in mind, there is a growing opportunity there to tap into this market place, especially as people are living for longer and longer.


Although there are a number of schemes available to help young people to get on the property ladder, a record number of the younger generation are renting.
This means it’s a great time to invest in flats, or even in a whole block of flats! And, with experts predicting that, by 2021, 25% will be living in some form of PRS, and the younger generation being widely recognised as the renting generation, now is the perfect time to invest in this type of project.


The student population is continuing to grow, with more students than ever before enrolling in universities across the country. As a result, there is now an overwhelming demand for student accommodation, meaning it’s a great time to invest in this type of project, especially in university towns such as Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and London!


A lot of developers have converted old offices into residential properties, which means there is now a need for new office space, especially as companies are struggling to find properties and rent is now at an all-time high!


Due to a decline in high street stores, many small businesses are now looking for warehouse space to store their stock, as well as distribution centres. 
For a beginner or a seasoned pro, our investment company based in London are on hand to offer you the easiest way to invest in properties.

If something has caught your eye in this article from student accommodation to private rental schemes, you can gain more insight from our property experts who will break down your property investment in a simple manner.

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